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KODI4SMARTIE is a DLL for LCD Smartie ( that allows information about what is playing in Kodi ( to be displayed on an LCD Character display. See the LCD Smartie web site for supported devices.

My Setup
Windows 7 x64
LCD Smartie 5.4
Kodi v16.1 (Jarvis)
2x20 Blue back-lit character display using a SPLC780C (HD44780 compatible) controller.
PIC LCD Backpack (

I connect directly to one of the USB headers on my motherboard.

NOTE: If you are not connecting the PIC LCD Backpack directly to your motherboard then make sure you have the proper cable. The PIC LCD Backpack uses a MINI-B USB cable, not a MICRO-B USB cable. The MICRO-B USB cables are the standard these days and will not fit the PIC LCD Backpack. It is a close fit but will not work.

Kodi4Smartie uses the C++ REST SDK (

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